Musical Works

Copyright in musical works pertains to the legal rights granted to music creators, allowing them to control how their compositions are used and receive financial compensation. When a music composer or songwriter creates original music, they automatically own the copyright to that work.

The copyright in a musical work generally lasts for the author’s lifetime plus many years after their death (commonly 70 years), depending on the country’s laws.


The copyright of the actual sound recording (the performance captured and fixed in a medium) differs from copyright in the composition itself. When a recording artist or a record label creates an original sound recording, they hold the master rights to that recording.

The duration of copyright in sound recordings typically lasts 50 to 95 years after the recording was published or 70 to 120 years after it was created, depending on the country’s laws.

Music videos

The creator of a music video holds the copyright of the video. However, there will always be a licensing reference to the musical work (composition and lyrics) and the sound recording (actual performance captured).

Often, multiple copyrights exist within one music video.

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