Unique Music Token (UMT)

Imagine being able to support your favorite musicians in an innovative new way – by investing in their songs just like you would invest in a property. With Unique Music Tokens (UMTs), this is now possible.

UMTs are digital assets that represent legal ownership of specific songs, secured on the blockchain. Fans can purchase UMTs to support artists financially directly. UMT owners can also generate revenue themselves by leasing usage rights to the song, similar to renting out a property.

Through smart contracts, UMT owners can dictate rental terms and automatically receive monthly royalty payments shared with the artist. You could put a hot new single up for lease, just like an apartment!

This empowers fans to engage with their music collections in a new way. Musicians benefit from upfront lump sums to fund new projects, plus ongoing royalties, connecting them more deeply with invested fans.

This represents a mutually beneficial model – fans support artists, and artists reward fans, all while reinventing how music rights can be leveraged for revenue. UMTs are the future bridge between music creators and supporters.